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June 15, 2018

To my fellow EGC Members,

First off, I again want to give a big "Thank You" to all of our valuable volunteers! Without each and every one of them, our club would not be as successful as it is. For those of you that use the club, feel free to "Thank a Volunteer" when you are enjoying the club.

The EGC Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 23 June, at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse. The Board of Directors proposed slate of officers and directors is: Phil Melcher (president), Mike Loehr (vice president), Lyndsay Cardinal (secretary), Paul Guse (treasurer), Tim Bates, Tim Grant, Bill Hansen, Gary Hipp, Ned Meyer, Rich Renner and Dale Steinmetz. Since there were no other nominees, no election is required. Come to the meeting to learn what has been going on at your club.

Don't forget to come out on the second and fourth Friday of every month and support our Fish Fries. It is undoubtedly the best fish with the largest variety in the area!

Kirk Barney and Gary Hipp are leading a project to clean up the frontage along Staunton Road. Any help would be appreciated since this is a huge undertaking. Things people can volunteer for are as follows: raking up small debris, pruning/weeding, clearing vines, chain sawing, loading brush on trailer and feeding a shredder. If you would like to contribute a couple of hours during an evening or weekend, please contact Kirk Barney directly at

The board has approved investing in a 5-stand field. You will see construction starting soon! The site is between trap 6 and the Rifle Pistol Range. Overhead views, and other information is displayed in the clubhouse for anyone that is interested in viewing the plans. If you would like to volunteer to help with construction, please contact Dale Steinmetz at We will be in need of electrical work, concrete work, manual labor, and construction work. If you have experience in any of these fields, your help would be appreciated. EGC clubhouse

Recently the board decided to pay down our mortgage by a large amount. Last month, the board again decided to pay down our mortgage by another equal amount. This is a testament to the financial stability of the club and the great work by the Board of Directors by being good stewards of the club's money.

The club is looking for a few individuals that are interested in joining the EGC team as trap help. We are currently interested in folks that do not shoot on a high school team, and are available to work some of the following times; Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, Saturday days and Sunday days.

Bullseye pistol practice for members has fired up! The rest of the summer, pistol practice will be every Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Go directly to the range to check in. Please come out and enjoy the weather and the devoted volunteers that are keeping these practice sessions running.

For the members that use the Rifle Pistol Range, please be aware when you dispose of your shell casings. The provided buckets are for BRASS ONLY! Steel and aluminum shell casings should be thrown in the waste container; live rounds (duds) should be placed in the provided red "dud bucket." mixed in with the brass, in the buckets plainly marked “Brass Only.” Thanks in advance for paying attention and clearing up this problem.

You will soon see a change to the South Lake. The Board has approved the installation of a bottom aeration/circulating system. There will be seven bubbling stations located throughout the lake, which will turn the lake over 1.4 times a day. The system increases the oxygen level throughout the water column, helps prevent low-oxygen fish kills, reduces algae growth and is extremely energy efficient.

That's all for now, please be safe, and shoot straight!

Mike Loehr, Vice President

rifle/pistol range

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