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March 18, 2018

To my fellow EGC Members,

To My Fellow EGC Members,

I start this newsletter as all the others with gratitude to the volunteers who have helped sustain the club over the last month. Events help to sustain our club and the volunteers make this happen. The fish fries have been going extremely well and on the 9th of March we had a record night. Thanks to the guests that came out that night and to the volunteers that helped make it happen.

This will not be a long newsletter but it will be an important one. While it might seem that things at the club happen without effort sometimes, there is great effort and the time that is dedicated to make the club work correctly. In the very near future, we will be looking for someone with the experience to manage our kitchen operations. This doesn't mean cooking. This means ordering and overseeing the inventory of our kitchen supplies and maintenance. We have over 1100 members and supporting this requirement should not be difficult. We need one person that can make this happen. EGC clubhouse

I want to bring up an issue that while 3 months away, is not that far off. In June of this year we will be having our annual meeting and elections for officers and directors. This June, we will have an election for president, secretary and four directors. We are seeking members who wish to to run for these positions to start thinkIng about submitting their names now. In accordance with our By-Laws, the president, secretary and four directors are up for election at the next annual meeting. Please think about playing a part in making our club the best it can be and being a part of our leadership team.

We are considering some new projects in the near future like RFID cards for trap shooting and membership. This will replace shot cards and hopefully sometime in the near future, control access to the club. These are things we as the board are looking at to protect the club's not for profit status and control people wasting targets on the trap fields.

I hope everyone sees the value in being part of supporting and leading this club. It has been my honor to lead a group of individuals focused on what is best for the club without regard for personal interest. I am a blessed man to have been graced with the officers and directors that have guided and led this club for the last almost two years I have been president. We have only thought of what is best for all of our members without personal consideration. I can be proud of the accomplishments of our board because we have overseen the most prosperous time in this club's history. We are looking for members with the same integrity and drive to submit their names to run for office and be part of the leadership team of this club. The patriots who do this now can't do it forever and at a certain time, we need some new blood to keep the board fresh and bring new ideas to sustain the club.

Thanks for listening and please keep coming out and supporting the club to keep it the Best Damn Gun club Ever!!

Stay safe and keep shooting.

Phil Melcher, President

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  • Some will remember it as the Wild Game Feed, but our annual February Fun Shoot & Feast is coming Feb. 18!
  • Looking for few good trap workers! E-mail or visit the club if you're interested in one of these fun part-time positions!