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September 14, 2018

To our EGC friends and family:

With our Thursday trap league, high school trap league and practice, fish fries and other activities in full swing, there's a lot going on at EGC right now.

Here's a quick update:

No sitting around on the 5-stand

Good progress continues on the construction of our 5-Stand field. Concrete work is complete and you'll soon see the structure coming together. We've already ordered the required throwers, controllers and other accessories so we are looking forward being operational in the not-too-distant future.

Cash is king

We don't talk a lot about finances in these messages, but since we mentioned the investment we are making in the 5-stand project, it's worth assuring you that the club is in a very strong financial position. The board is a good steward of your money, and that has allowed us to handle unplanned contingencies, make investments that will grow the club and have a healthy operating base to run the club on a day-to-day basis. You can help keep that going. Volunteerism is key to how we minimize our cash expenditures. Find an area of the club that you would like to help and reach out to anyone on the board. With well over a thousand members, we should be able to spread out much of the work the club requires so no one should have to be here every day. Also, spread the word about membership. Our dues, which are minimal for a club of our stature, provide the base of our finances. Talk up the club to friends, bring them out to show them how wonderful it is and encourage them to join. It is key to ensuring our club is around for generations to come. EGC clubhouse

Something's fishy here

Yep, it wouldn't be a message from the board without a note about fish fries. Good news is that fish fries are picking up in business as is usual at the end of summer. With that, we need volunteers to staff them. Please check out the club's Facebook page. We have a great system to sign up for fish fries on-line and you can access it there. You can even pick out the specific job you'd like to help with. Not on Facebook? Just let any board member know and we'll get you plugged into the schedule.

This bar is freezing!

Come have a cold drink at the clubhouse bar soon. We just installed a new freezer for our glassware, so we guarantee you a very frosty mug of something good.

Early end to registered shooting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we unfortunately need to cancel our final registered shoot of 2018, scheduled for October 7. Don't forget about the Shriner's Shoot this Sunday, September 16th. There is a flyer and signup sheet on the bulletin board in the clubhouse. We have another special event coming December 16th...our annual Tom & Jerry dinner and raffle. We are planning some new activities for that day so look for details soon.

That's it for now. The board is working short-staffed right now but we are proud of where the club is and where we are taking it. Please let us know how we can serve you. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

-The EGC Board of Directors

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