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October 18, 2017

To my fellow EGC Members,

Once again I start our monthly newsletter with a big thank you to the volunteers that keep our gun club running and successful. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our club and are the driver to keeping costs down for membership, and all the events held at the club.

Without volunteers, we can't open the club or we have to look at potentially raising the membership fees in order to hire managers and pay people to keep the club running. This has never been the business model we want to go to, and the only way to avoid it is to help out and volunteer where you can. Managers are in big demand so if you would like to learn how to manage, please contact our club at and we will schedule you for a time to train. Even working as a second manager is a great help.

Thanks to our newest RSO volunteers that just completed training this past month. That will go a long way in helping keep the ranges staffed with great safety minded individuals.

We would also like to start looking at some more folks on our fish fries. We have two every month on the second and fourth Friday of every month. Especially with Lent not too far off, this is the best time to train up for that busy time when we need all the volunteers we can get to help out. We can use cashiers, cooks, platers, and people for clean-up. Please volunteer where you can. We have over 1,100 members, surely this letter can motivate 20 people to step up and help be part of team that supports the Best Damn Gun Club Ever!! Thanks in advance.

If you haven't seen the new lights on the trap fields up close, you can probably see them from I-55 now. Our new lights are phenomenal and are the talk of the town among our shooters, members and other gun clubs in the area. EGC clubhouse

We have also just completed stocking fish in the south lake. While we do encourage catch and release so all members can enjoy catching a nice fish, you make take home fish as per the daily limits set by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. We do ask that guests fishing with you that are not members, continue to observe the catch and release policy for guests.

Lots of projects going on at the rifle pistol range too. We are putting down rubber mulch and we are winterizing the range with tarps to break some of the wind during the cold months.

I want to remind everyone that there is no shooting at the club prior to the club opening or during non-operating hours. That means nobody at the rifle pistol range when there aren't Range Safety Officers and people can't pattern shotguns without the club being open and trap help being present. Please observe these simple rules.

By now most, if not all of you should have gotten or will receive your Tom & Jerry tickets for the biggest raffle of the year. It isn't just a great raffle, it is a great time at the club. We encourage people to come out to the club on Sunday, December 17 for a Trap Fun Shoot, approximately 50 attendance prizes, a great lunch and some special pistol raffles that will only be available to the folks that show up on that day. Also keep in mind, you don't have to settle for the 25 tickets you got in the mail, you can get more at the club and enter or sell as many as you want. The only thing about tickets is that we only accept tickets with the money, there is no pre-paying for tickets. No tickets without money, no money without tickets.

Here is the lineup of items for the Tom & Jerry raffle:

1st: Browning 725 pro trap 12 gauge 32 inch barrel shotgun with adjustable stock.

2nd: Smith and Wesson 1911 Performance Center 45 ACP pistol with 5 inch stainless steel ported barrel.

3rd: Remington 700 VLS, 243 Winchester 26 inch heavy barrel.

4th: Ruger Mark lV hunter 22 Long rifle 6.88 inch fluted bull stainless steel.

5th: Grizzly G 40 sandstone 40 quart cooler.

Once again thank you to all the volunteers that help our gun club stay the best and I am proud and humbled to serve as our club's president. Stay safe and keep shooting and be careful during hunting season!! You are the best safety person you know!!

Phil Melcher, President

rifle/pistol range

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  • 78th annual Tom & Jerry fun shoot, dinner and raffle scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 17. Join us for a great day of fun at the club.